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LGB is a Production house of marketing, special event planning and project management services that support the arts by assisting artists and arts organizations to fulfill their greatest potential. LGB Productions provides Public Relations & Marketing Services using all genres of the Fine Arts – online video, television, theatre, live performances, music and literature – in partnership with corporations, association and private organizations to educate and inspire our international community.



    * Provide Public Relations and Marketing leadership to partners of the small and disadvantaged business community.

    * To produce television and video that uplifts and propels the global community forward.

    * Provide meeting and special event planning services that result in events that successfully achieve their purpose.

    * Provide management and administrative structure to arts organizations.

     *  Inspire Americans to be their best by connecting with all of America's History. 

    * Nurture the careers of talented musicians and artists.


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 LGB PRODUCTIONS                                                            
 Washington, DC
 Phone: 202.234.0312
 Email: marketing@lgbproductions.com

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