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Expanding Boundaries with Leris

September 29th, 2016 at 3:18 am

World Heart Day, Thursday, September 29, 12:00 PM EST  Thunderclap                                  

Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the no. 1 cause of death around the world? It is estimated that 30% of global deaths result from this chronic condition. 1 in 3 Americans die from heart disease or stroke each year.  What’s more, 1 in 3 lupus patients have heart disease. So, decreasing this risk is specifically essential to managing lupus as well as complications from a number of other diseases. The good news is that cardiovascular disease is often preventable.

On World Heart Day – September 29 at 12:00 PM EST – the National Forum for Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention is bringing attention to a risk factor for heart disease and stroke – high cholesterol.  They will host a Thunderclap to amplify its cholesterol risk management message on social media worldwide.  DHPE invites its members to join our support of the World Heart Day 2016 Thunderclap campaign Today! And don’t forget to encourage your friends and family to do the same!

We CAN live healthier lives!  Cholesterol can be lowered via 1) a healthy diet that includes larger amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Don’t forget that September is Fruits & Veggies More Matters Month!! #FVMMMonth.  So, Now is a great time to start your gradual changes.

 And 2) Increase your physical activity with something as simple as walking 30 minutes a day.


Shameless Plug Warning.  Join our conversation!  Enable your family and entire community to get moving by making our roads safer.  We walk to create healthy living habits. Physically active kids are more likely to become healthy, physically active adults, which means that the habit of regular physical activity early needs to be fostered at an early age.  @DHPETweets is hosting a #WalktoSchool Day Twitter Chat, Wednesday, October 5th, 1-2 pm.  Guest are: National Physical Activity Society @moveUSmore and @Trailnet.

What is Thunderclap?  Thunderclap is a "crowd-speaking" platform created to help groups and organizations amplify their message to the masses on social media. A Thunderclap campaign works by recruiting supporters to boost a timed message flash mob-style on various social platforms. To learn more about Thunderclap, visit:

It only takes 5 seconds to join the World Heart Day – September 29, 12:00 PM Thunderclap . Here’s how:

1.  Visit
2.  Near the bottom of the screen, click the red buttons to support the campaign via Twitter, Facebook, or both
3.  You are done!

For more information on World Heart Day, visit:


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