Live Performances


LGB Productions, LLC's vision is to create partnerships between performing artists and corporations, associations and private organizations to educate and inspire our global community.  We provide administrative management services to help bring artistic, historical and educational productions to life, promote, and tour them nationally.



The management of arts organizations is the very core of LGB Productions.  LGB Productions has worked with such organizations as the National Endowment for the Arts, The American Association of Museums, Garth Fagan Dance, Sweet Honey In the Rock, Interact Story Theatre and Imagination Stage.



As a Video and Theatre Producer, LGB Productions produced Point of View with Vic Christian, The Perry School Tribute, and The End Game which is in the current line-up on PGCTV and can be viewed here on YouTube.  In the theatre realm, we produced a successful national tour of the play Anne & Emmett. LGB Productions provided production management services for the DC V-Day production of A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer; and music festivals such as the Duke Ellington Youth Festival.  Currently, LGB Productions is booking consecutive, national tours of Harriet Tubman: The Chosen One, "Harriet Tubman: Portals Through Time", and Rosa Parks Such A Time. See our Book Shows Now page for program descriptions.


Harriet Tubman: The Chosen One  /   Harriet Tubman: Portals Through Time  /   Rosa Parks: Such A Time

Harriet Tubman: The Chosen One                                  Harriet Tubman: A Pictorial                       Rosa Parks: Such A Time

                   "No one in all of the things I've read or seen, brought Harriet to life the way you did."

Evelyn Ross Taylor - Grand Niece of Harriet Tubman     

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Whether you need entertainment for the occasional special event or daily, weekly, or monthly engagements, LGB Productions will contract the perfect entertainment to provide the exact ambiance that you desire.  We have a stable of classically trained, gospel, and jazz: vocalists, pianists, horns, harpists, and any other type of musician that you might require.

We also provide promotional services for musicians, actors, and speakers.  We prepare marketing materials, serve as your publicist, negotiate contracts, and secure bookings.