PR & Marketing

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LGB Productions specializes in brand promotion through the development of marketing materials, usage of social media, promotional events and media coverage. Our media campaigns involve the placement of press releases and solicitation of interviews that draw the best coverage in television and print, and increases website traffic.

LGB is skillful in market expansion through the identification of new markets. Heightened public awareness within these new markets is a key factor to client and sponsorship growth. Through this multi-faceted approach, LGB Productions enables our clients to achieve their performance goals.


LGB has its own proprietary arts-media database of contact people and PSA listings in the local newspaper, radio and television outlets. LGB has a track record of receiving solid media coverage.  Check out our Results page.


The use of social media is the fastest way to increase your corner of the market. Through social media and a good email distribution system, you can communicate with your current clients and engage new ones!

But, the challenge is that managing the many necessary accounts is time-consuming. It’s quite easy for your staff to get weighed down.

Free them up to concentrate on strategizing and client management – let LGB Productions preserve your message while growing your social media accounts for YOU.











For many authors, writing comes easy – increasing sales
is the challenge. LGB gets you out in front of the reading public. LGB will grow your support base, expand your online visibility, and manage your book tours.  See our Speaker Services.


LGB has provided media promotional services for numerous theatre productions. A promotional plan of print and radio interviews, advertisements, and online promotions have increased ticket sales and membership base.


Whether your strategy requires further research or you just want to get your message out to the people, street marketing / mall intercept programs may be what you need. LGB Productions has a crew of street marketers that can survey the public or simply hand out fliers.