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LGB Productions provides concert promotion services for East River Jazz/BeMo Jazz Strayhorn Centennial Celebration Series that incorporates mixed artistic genres.  LGB Productions markedly increases Client's social media reach, sets-up email distribution system and develops media outreach.



Press Coverage: 

Portrait of a Stray Thread: For Billy Strayhorn's 100th birthday, East River Jazz Throws Light On A Giant Often Left In The Shadows

Jazz Avenues: East of the River, Plenty of Strayhorn


Major African Music Artists perform pro bono for PLAD’s STOP Africa Land Grab Concert

Warner Theatre, Washington, DC

LGB Productions produces music concert featuring some of the biggest names in African music: 

Femi Kuti, Didier Awadi, Hanisha Solomon and Simply Chrysolite with the Ras Band serving as the house band.



With Short Notice, LGB Productions Creates Media Campaign for NHBCUAA Courage Awards and

Gets Organization's President on TV Morning Show. 

See TV Interview Here.       

Other Media Coverage Ensues.

US Airways August Issue                HBCU Digest                    Black Women Connect            HBCU Link Up


LGB Productions Video Becomes Show-Stopper at Perry School Gala at Howard Theatre


Theatre Show "Harriet Tubman: The Chosen One" Builds Fans and Bookings through

Print and Television Coverage

WUSA9 with Andrea Roane                     Washington Informer

District Entertainment Announces the First & Only Podcast from a War Zone, "Inside the Wire: Live from Afghanistan with JC Rademus"          Virtual Strategy Magazine      YAHOO! NEWS    Top News Today, Business       redOrbit


Gwendolyn Briley-Strand Winner of 2011 Television, Internet and Video Assn. DC, Gold-Acting VO, Long Form

for Marian Anderson: A Song of Dignity and Grace                     


         Harriet Tubman: The Chosen One Showcase at the October 2011 ASALH Convention.

Washington Informer Review               

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Success Stories

  • Overshooting Fundraising Goals!  In efforts to promote a historical association’s premiere annual event, LGBP directed a social media team to increase the organization’s followers through organic engagement and resurrected its Instagram account. Twitter followers increased by over 300, Facebook likes by 244 and membership applications by 5%.  News of the event spread and it was sold out even with an increased capacity of 200 seats over the previous year!
  • Concert Production at Major Music Venue.  LGB Productions produced the STOP Africa Land Grab Concert featuring some of the biggest names in African music:  Femi Kuti, Didier Awadi, Hanisha Solomon and Simply Chrysolite with the Ras Band at Washington DC’s Warner Theatre. The African music artists performed pro bono to bring attention to the on-going massive land acquisitions in Africa by foreign investors.
  • Staking Your Claim. LGB Productions designed and implemented an international announcement of "Inside the Wire: Live From Afghanistan with JC Rademas" which is the first podcast to broadcast from a war zone. Media campaign received over 53,000 online impressions and 1,100 full-page reads including Google, Yahoo News, and The Root.
  • From Page to Stage. Anne & Emmett stage play was brought from script to premiere performance in six weeks. LGB Productions oversaw casting, set design, hiring of production staff, website development and Media and PR.  For the next year, LGB Productions booked a national tour of the phenomenal show.
  • Getting the Word Out. LGB Productions was an integral part of the DC Department of Health’s campaign to inform the general public of its free healthcare program. LGB Productions organized meetings with the senior population, distributed 4,000 fliers and conducted 400 surveys.
  • Market Expansion. The Grammy award winning Garth Fagan Dance company was guided through an evaluation of  their support base, an identification of untapped markets and the development of a plan for expansion into those new areas. They were also presented with new corporate and private foundation grant sources.
  • Housing Bureau Services.  LGB Productions was the official housing bureau for the Amateur Softball Association’s 2002 Girls 12 and Under National Softball Tournament. Over thirty hotels were gathered to provide hotel rooms for this gathering of 40,000+ softball fans.


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