Speaker - Author Services

It’s Hard Out Here For a Speaker!  Capturing speaking engagements requires marketing and publicity.                  Follow www.facebook.com/LGBProductionsLLC on FacebookFollow @LGBPmedia on Twitter

LGB Production’s public relations services for speakers will raise your name recognition, credibility and make you the “Go To” person in your field.

LGB Productions will:

  • Increase Your Online Presence
  • Develop Your Marketing and Exhibition Materials
  • Produce Your Sales Videos
  • Provide Booking Representation
  • Find and Negotiate Your Speaking Contracts
  • Book Promotional Services
  • Coordinate Book Tours
  • Convert Your Manuscript to eBook Formats


Get Your Book to the Public - ePublish! Having Trouble with E-Publishing?

Let LGB Productions handle all of the technical hurdles.

 We will format your book so that it may be sold on the following platforms:

  • Ipads and Ipods
  • Amazon's Kindle
  • Barnes & Noble's Nook
  • Sony Reader
  • Droid
  • All Mobile Devices
  • PDF's


Each of the above platforms has separate formatting requirements to sell your books on-line.

Learning each format is extremely time intensive and requires adept computer skills

Save yourself the headache! 

Ensure that the formatting is done correctly by allowing LGB Productions to do it for you.

We can convert any type of Word, PDF, or other format file to Apple, Mobipocket, Kindle, MS Reader conversion, or any other format, regardless of the number of images or other complex formatting issues. We have highly skilled technicians who execute these tasks professionally and in less time than other vendors. In addition to formatting your book into these formats, we will also provide you with book cover graphics and links to your sales platforms. Placed on your website, these links make it easy for your readers to purchase your work in a format that is most convenient to them. We can also edit your website with the links for an additional hourly charge. Before delivering the final converted files and links, we make sure they are 100% perfect as per your requirements.  We provide all of this and more at highly affordable rates!

  1. Contact LGB Productions to learn about our conversion pricing details.
  2. Upload your book to our FTP Site.
  3. We send you a fabulous quote that fits your budget.



Rochelle used LGB Productions' eBook Conversion Service to turn her first completed manuscript into a book!  LGBP provided:

  • Layout design for the ebook
  • Guided her through the copyright process
  • Opened her Create Space account on Amazon.com
  • Converted her WORD document to .mobi file format according to Amazon.com's specifications
  • Successfully uploaded the ebook without any glitches!

Rochelle Celebrated her book launch with a free online download for the members of her blog. 

With the addition of some media and promotion services from LGB Productions, the book was promoted to the result of

50 downloads in the first 24 hours!





LGB Productions has been chosen to manage the National HBCU Alumni Association’s Speakers Bureau!

The NHBCUAA – Helping HBCUs Change and Excel.  The NHBCUAA Speakers Bureau enables an institution to bring in expert consultants to help guide and develop projects that propel departments forward and equip them for greater production and third-party funding.  The best way to galvanize growth is to increase knowledge, consider and implement new ideas. Explore our vast network of experienced and professional alumni and associates. Members and representatives from the National HBCU Alumni Associations are available to give keynote addresses, lead workshops, and serve on panels and symposia on a wide array of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Marketing and Fundraising
  • Program Evaluation
  • Contemporary Education Issues
  • Parent Involvement
  • Philanthropy
  • Incorporating
  • Event Planning
  • Grantsmanship
  • Youth Development
  • Early Childhood
  • Staff Development and Team Building
  • Public Health, Medicine and Dentistry
  • Psychological Services
  • Leadership Development
  • Domestic Policy
  • International Relations and Policy
  • Prevention of Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Prevention of Workplace Harassment
  • Human Resource Program Development

Want a NHBCUAA Speakers Bureau Member for Your Event ?      

Please Contact LGB Productions with your desired topic, project description, or name of desired speaker.